Couple’s Tattoos – Yay or Nay?


Couple’s tattoos are always going to be a controversial topic. Are they a good idea or a bad idea? There aren’t many commitments these days that are as big as getting a tattoo because it literally is for life… unless you go and get laser surgery to get it removed.


Laser surgery is still no excuse to go and jump into getting a tattoo willy nilly though. It still costs money to get it removed and despite what people say, it hurts. Quite bad. So really what is the point in going through the pain of getting it done, to then go through pain to get it removed? Moral of the story is to just use your brain and think about it first.


Getting a tattoo with someone else and for someone else is definitely something that needs to be thought about very thoroughly. No one can tell the future and you don’t know what’s going to happen when you wake up tomorrow. This poses two arguments; do not get a lover’s name tattooed on your body because you don’t know if you will be together forever; or, definitely get the tattoo if you want it because you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow and you should live life to the fullest.



Matching tattoos are a lovely idea, it’s like being bonded by blood, except with ink. I think personally it’s the idiots that don’t fall in love with the person but actually only with the idea of them, and 6 months into their paradise of a relationship, it turns out he has fathered his sister’s baby and you’ve got his name on your wrist; they are the people that have ruined them.

These unfortunate souls of the human race have given matching tattoos a bad name, but I do agree couple’s tattoos is risky business. It’s not just worrying about whether you’ll have a partner’s name on you and you split up, it’s what other people think and say. Sadly, in the 21st century people are so consumed by other people’s perception of themselves that it often holds people back.


Shannon Smith and Tom Daniels have been together for four years and are considering getting matching tattoos. Tom says; “I love this girl so much and I feel confident that I will spend the rest of my life with her and want to declare that to everyone, and show just how committed I am. We’re not ready to get engaged yet we’re too young so this is like the first step into that.

“People are too judgemental though. I know for a fact my boys would not let me live it down and always take the mick and make sarcastic soppy remarks. I can’t be bothered for the aggro.”

People’s opinions should not matter when getting a tattoo. Tattoos are one of the most personal things that a person can hold and other people’s opinions should not play a part if they differ from your own.



However, it has happened countless times; people get names tattooed on them and then live to regret it later.

Andy Iron 42, had the name of his first girlfriend tattooed on his chest; “Every time I talk about it I get right in trouble with my wife. When I met my wife I got the name covered up with some flowers but it definitely caused me grief. I don’t know if I say I regret it because I wanted it at the time and I loved the girl. All that matters now though is that I have my wife and kids’ names on my body and no one else’s. My wife’s the same although she does have our dogs’ names as well.”


That’s another solution; getting the name covered up by something else. Whether that works or not is another story because even when it is covered up, you will always know what the original tat was.


Despite all the bad press surrounding the topic of couple’s tattoos people do still get them done. These people  aren’t necessarily naïve either, and, bonus; their boyfriends aren’t the fathers to his sister’s baby!

Engaged couple Joey Razdar and Marysia Ciolczyk want to get their wedding bands tattooed on their wedding fingers. They feel like this is not a mistake as they are making a commitment for life in marriage and that they will never break.Joey says: “I’m not going to divorce her ever that’s not what marriage is about. For better or for worse. Any problems, we face them and deal with them. I will never regret any of my tattoos because they all have personal meanings to me.”

Marysia says: “I believe that you should always really think about the tattoos you’re getting. I have thought about it and I have never been more sure about anyone in my life so I have no apprehensions about tattooing my wedding band on my finger.”

Couple’s tattoos come down to a matter of personal preference. It is completely up to the person what they want to do and completely up to the person to deal with the consequences if things go wrong. Each to their own I guess.


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