Tattoos Do Not Defile The Body!



Tattoos do not defile the body.

Someone who smokes 20 a day, will criticise tattoos and how they tarnish the body. Someone who is unkind will criticise tattoos and ask a woman; “what will you look like on your wedding day with all those?”

Beautiful. She will look beautiful. She will be standing there getting married to the love of her life in a beautiful gown, with all the happy memories she’s had in her life right there with her in the form of ink.


People pay millions of pounds on paintings, why should that level of prestige not be given to this form of art. That is all that it is, it’s art. It is absurd that people get so worked up about it. Tattoos are stories told with just colour. You can walk up to a person you know nothing about and know their deepest emotions just by spending some time looking at their tattoos.

People are stuck in the stone age if they believe that everyone with a bit of ink is a thug. Tattoos have a bad name because people abuse their beauty but there is good out there. It is not a bad thing to be inked and to want to be inked. It is not ugly nor dirty.

Someone is still just as beautiful without tattoos also. You only every hear people without tattoos judging those with them, never the other way around.



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