Ashes To Ashes

ashes tattoos

Losing a loved one is never easy, and many people get tattoos in memory of their loved ones. For example I have a catholic prayer dedicated to my own Grandmother. For some people it keeps their memory alive. For others it is their own personal memorial that they can look at and be reminded of happy memories. Some may even feel that a little piece of their loved one is carried with them every single day.



Some people however take their tattoos in loving memories to the next level; I once met a lady whom I worked with whose husband had died 6 months previously. She looked as though she was dealing with it really well and she spoke about him fondly and all the time. One day she came into work and she seemed happier than usual. We asked her why, and she told us that she had got a tiny love heart tattoo on her hip and that she had sprinkled her husband’s ashes in the ink.

She said that it had helped her to accept his death properly and she was now able to move on from it and not have to feel guilty, because she would carry him with her wherever she went. Her children did not know and still don’t to this day, that she ever got it in the first place. It is something she holds personally to her and I think it’s a lovely idea for people who are tattoo enthusiasts to be able to cope with the death of a loved one. tattssoo


image credit: google images




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