Tattoos Are An Addiction!

big tat 1

Tattoos are definitely addictive, and i’m not the only one who thinks so…

Many studies on the internet show that the number of people that have tattoos has increased over the years. They also show that once people get one they tend to snowball until they have a beautiful gallery of tattoos upon their skin.

Of course you can’t be physically addicted to tattoos like you can drugs, but you can definitely get psychologically addicted. For me my tattoos express feelings and emotions that are suppressed inside my head and are difficult to get out. They also express silent emotions that I want to scream from the rooftops every day but people get tired of hearing the same old thing.

tat 1

It is more common nowadays for people to have more than one tattoo, and the American channel Fox 13 News recently reported that people are getting bigger tattoos for their first ink. Is this because the new generation is braver; or is it because tattoos are now more accepted among society?

Either way, I suppose it’s a good thing if many people are getting tattoo addictions. Other people need to get used to seeing them around! I don’t understand why people are so negatively affected by something as beautiful as ink.

I do believe I have a tattoo addiction; once I got my first tattoo I got three in one year, and I now constantly save my money for when my next idea comes up.

tat 3

Chloe Aillud who is a Madam Ink Resident says; “I can’t stop getting tattoos I love them. I think they’re beautiful and I just love ink.”

18 year old Jaimee Wyatt got two tattoos at once for her first inking!

Having a tattoo addiction doesn’t mean that we aren’t thinking about our tattoos before we get them. Chances are, we’ve been thinking about them for such a time already and when we sit in the chair it just means that the time is right.

tat 4

There is no better feeling than looking in the mirror once the final shading is done, and your skin’s all shiny from the artist wiping it down and cleaning it up. It almost is euphoric because you’re now going to take your best memories and emotions with you in a physical form every day. There is nothing more personal than a tattoo; no wonder that people find them addictive.

big tat 2




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