Diversity Between Men and Women in Tattoo Culture

women wiht tats 2

One thing I have always wondered about was why there was such a diversity between men and women in tattoo culture. In my opinion there still is quite a diversity in how men and women are viewed with tattoos; and sorry to sound cliché but the views on the females are more negative than men!

“Oh but it’s the 21st century!” I hear some faint voices cry, ‘Surely there’s still not a diversity between genders?” Oh but there is, whether people realise it or not. Of course there will always be a difference in opinion in everything and everyone has the right to freedom of speech thanks to the old human rights act thing. However what niggles at my temper is when people have completely different opinions about women with tattoos and men with tattoos.


There seem to be only two opinions about women with tattoos; they’re either a complete no-go, or they’re a totally righteous example of how women should be strong and independent and can do things that men can do. You carry on doing your thang girls, we all know what we’re capable of!

women wiht tattoos 5


Anyways in light of this topic, I decided to launch a little investigation to see what people think…


I thought speaking to a woman about tattoos I would get a cliché feminist vibe but I actually got the opposite which was pretty surprising. Nafi from Lakeside says; “As a woman you’re a woman you still have to maintain a certain level of femininity. Women with tattoos everywhere? No they don’t look good when you have too many. Small and nice but not sleeves and everywhere. I think the same even with men too much is too much.”


The one thing that I liked about this woman’s opinion is that her opinion was the same on both sides. Fair enough you like tattoos but you don’t like them too big I can understand that. However ( and sorry about the cliché again) we are in the 21st century and I think it’s pretty obvious that women are allowed to be much more than girly and feminine. In fact it is regularly encouraged.


Although this does say something too; has there been as much of an evolution with this stuff as we think? Are people stuck in the past? Or is the 21st century not as evolved as some of us would like to think?

women wiht tattoos 6

Adam from Harlow however begs to differ; “You can pretty much do what you want I think as long as you feel like your tattoos are meaningful. A woman should always have the same rights as a man. I find them quite attractive and I think in more recent times women with tattoos are more accepted.”


There you go ladies, not all boys are pigs as some people say. This lad seems to have a lot of respect for women and sees them as equal… well, where tattoos are concerned anyway.



Steve from Southend seems to share Adam’s opinion too; “I think there’s been a massive evolution. In the 80s you had either ben to prison or been apart of the navy if you had tattoos. Now times are becoming more fair to women and women having tattoos has become more acceptable.”


Has it though? In my opinion I think a lot of society are still against tattoos in general and particularly with females. Although is this a product of a patriarchal society? Is it men degrading women with tattoos? Are men sexualising women too much with tattoos?

women with tats 1

Jake, another from Harlow says; “I still think there’s a big inequality with men and women but especially with tattoos. Men say quite a lot it’s not very lady like. I hate it when people say that.”


Seriously, the ‘get back in the kitchen jokes’ died out a long time ago. That doesn’t stop people from being arrogant enough to hold those opinions though. An I’m not going to not bring the issue up for fear of being branded an over the top feminist.


It is refreshing however to see that there are people out there who don’t see men and women as different in any way in terms of tattoos. It’s nice to see that people are just generally judging other people’s ink and not basing it on their gender. Now it’s just to try and find a way to deal with those who do!


In my opinion I think everyone should be equal and this is coming from a female yes. I don’t believe one is more important than the other I just want things to be fair. There have been a lot of issues raised whilst I was talking to people and asking them my questions. I’ll be addressing these in posts in the future, so keep posted!

women with tattoos 4


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