When Do Tattoos Go Too Far? Meet Parrot Man!

parrot man 1


There is a massive tattoo culture in the world which of course is a brilliant thing. However some people do take them too far. The question is when… when do people need to draw the line and say hey! Enough is enough now mate don’t ya think?


Then again that all depends on people’s personal preference does it not? I mean I definitely remember the guy who went on Jeremy Kyle with his face tattooed all over. I was actually surprised that a tattooist even agreed to do that to be honest with you. I think it must have definitely been an amateur… or someone who was completely off their rocker, almost as off their rocker as the person being INKED ALL OVER THEIR FACE.


See this is my opinion, yours may differ, and the two of ours may differ to the person sitting next to you. There has to be some social mutual understanding of when to draw the line though right? Who knows!


Personally, I think you get whatever takes your fancy, in the amount and size that you want but I think the Jeremy Kyle bloke was a tad silly. I give it to him though, he has got some serious balls to sit there and do it. Although I did mention he could have been completely insane!


Next up you’ve got Parrot Man, who also appeared on Jeremy Kyle. This bloke went as far as to have his ears removed to look like a parrot. I mean it may be some spirit animal type case scenario but that level of extremism I do find hard to comprehend….


parrit man 2


What do you guys think? Let me Know!


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