Irritated Skin Where Your Tattoos Are?

Tattoos are supposed to become apart of you, be apart of your skin, the fabulous epidermis! However, I have actually experienced some irritations with mine which remind me that they were not always there… which I hate.


Out of all the beautiful tattoos I have, there are 2 that can sometimes irritate me. I have a lotus flower at the top of my back, which to this day 5 years later I can still feel the outline. Another is on the inside of my arm at the top, which raises and becomes very prickly and sore sometimes, particularly if I am wearing a textured top or I get a bit warm under my clothes.


Now coincidentally (not) the same person did both of these tattoos. He was a family friend who had trained to be a tattooist and ran his business from home. His needles and work stations were clean and he was a brilliantly talented artist, so I just put these irritations down to the part of the body that they were on, and the outline down to maybe I had just scarred a bit from the tattoo.


I have found out recently that tattoos are not supposed to scar, nor should they become irritated. The reason for my troubles is due to the tattooist pushing to hard against the skin with the needle.


Moral of the story is, be very wary of home tattooists without any certificates, now matter how beautiful and intricate their designs are and how clean their stuff is. You can never be too careful. Safe to say that I haven’t been back to the guy since and I only trust professional professionals!


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