Portrait Tattoos

The concept of portrait tattoos is a wonderful idea in my eyes. What better way to represent how you feel about a loved one? However, it is finding someone talented enough to be able to do the portrait justice! There are many famous tattooists renowned for their portraits; Corey from LA Ink for example. There is a reason however that is such a niche in the tattoo industry; it is so rare to be able to accomplish!

I wanted to get a portrait tattoo of my lovely little dog Lily, however I am so in love with her that I couldn’t bare it if someone didn’t get her face spot-on. In the end I went for the metaphorical option and got a lily flower instead.


There are so many cases where tattoo portraits have gone wrong that unless the person has a specific reputation for doing them well, you can never be too sure.

Here are a few examples…

bad tat 2


Image Credit: 100toplist.com

As always the downside to this is that it can be very expensive because you get what you pay for at the end of the day.

If done well, portraits can be a beautiful way to immortalise your pets, and your loved ones, or just be a symbol of how much you care for someone. However, I don’t think the person being tattooed onto your body would be very happy if it came out looking like Frankenstein. There’s always the option of laser surgery isn’t there….


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