Tattoo Artists Are Now Being Trained To Spot Skin Cancer!

Tattoo artists are now being given the tools to recognise skin cancer on the people that they ink.

Southmead Hospital in Bristol hosted an event  on April 12 to help tattooists recognise the early stages of skin cancer, such as melanoma, which can be fatal if not treated promptly and correctly.

They will also be taught what to watch out for in moles to spot any changes, and also advise people where not to have tattoos if they think it is an area of concern.

Ben Boston told ITV news about how he spotted a mole that had changed on a man’s back; “I’d noticed the mole had changed significantly in size and shape on his shoulder and significantly darkened. I told him he should probably get it looked at. It was diagnosed as melanoma and removed within a week.”

A lot of the time tattooists see parts of our body that we do not even see ourselves and can now warn people if they see something suspicious. Hopefully this encourages hospitals all over the country to educate Britain’s tattooists and others across the world and save hundreds of lives.


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