Celebrity Tattoos: Are They Influencing Us Too Much?


Many celebrities that are apart of pop culture these days have tattoos. In previous years, rock stars like Ozzy Osbourne were the only ones to have tattoos as it was only considered part of that genre. Nowadays however, it’s difficult to find a celebrity without one, even if it’s teeny tiny.


Everyone knows how influential celebrities are on people. One dyes their hair pink so does Shelley next door. So it got me thinking that maybe some people just get tattoos because its become a big fashion trend. I have loved tattoos since way back when they weren’t considered the cool and hip thing to do and I got my first when everyone thought I was ruining my skin by doing so.


It’s just now I can’t help but notice some of those same people who criticised me all those years ago are now getting tatted. There are some tattoos that are obvious fashion statements, apologies to anyone reading this who may have this design but for example, the descending sequence of stars. I’m sure it was a nice little idea when it first came about but now it’s not original at all. The infinity sign is another example and that’s particularly popular with the girls.

hermione tat

Everyone must remember when Cheryl first joined the X Factor? Everyone went mad for that lovely little tattoo on her hand and soon enough, loads of people had something similar, if not exactly the same in the same place too. No wonder the poor soul had to get her whole butt tattooed to stay relevant.


Anyways I guess what I am trying to say is that tattoos are a precious thing, not to mention expensive, and a life long commitment. Sort of like marriage, it’s disastrous when you realise you don’t want it anymore and did it all for the wrong reasons anyway. Just be careful, be original and respect the ink.

cheryl tat


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