Waltham Abbey Tattoo Shop Thirteen Changes Location

IMG_0861Tattoo and piercing parlour Thirteen, has moved from the hidden away backstreets of the Abbey, to the main high street where they are now more prominent.

Locally loved Thirteen had been at its previous address for a decade. However, a rise in staff warranted a new space. It now sits proudly along the high street amongst other shops and competitors.

Owner Steve says he is very happy with his investment; “Originally the old shop was just for myself when I took it on so it was a long time coming. As long as we transfer the old atmosphere into the new shop, then everything should be okay and so far so good. “

This has been somewhat of a risk for owner Steve as the price of the new shop was four times the price of the previous. He claims that this was the only concern about investing in a new parlour.

Only two weeks into the move and although Steve feels it is too early to tell, business seems to be on the rise already. Despite carrying over their already heavy clientele, the new location is more noticeable and business was booming with fresh faces on the opening weekend.

“If the first weekend was anything to go by,” Says Steve, “Then the signs are looking very good.”

Thirteen is also a training ground for two young apprentices Alex and Eleanor. They feel the new shop is going to be the key to their careers.

“It looks more professional and everyone has their own space. I have my own station to work from now so this will be where I propel.”  Says Alex.

“It is more organised. There is a roster so there are days where I can practise on fake skin,” says Eleanor, “and I have somewhere to go and practise my designs.”

Steve made the move in the hope to better his own and his staff’s careers; “This is where people will start to take us a bit more seriously now. It will give us something to have pride in.”

“If I hadn’t have taken on the shop I don’t think we’d all be together. When you find the people I’ve got, when you find that atmosphere, you can’t buy that.” Says Steve.

Steve and his team are planning to show off their skills by attending tattoo conventions, their first in May.



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